Fort Dodge National Guard Armory

Fort Dodge had a National Guard infantry company (Company G, Fifty-Sixth Infantry), but its armory building was thought to be too small and too far downtown. The Quist Band's finances would be stabilized by becoming a regimental band; and since there would be additional rent coming from the state if Fort Dodge had a regimental band, a new armory building was proposed. The Fort Dodge Commercial Club guaranteed the raising of $8,000 for that purpose, and in 1904 the new National Guard Armory was built near the corner of 1st Avenue North and 7th Street.  It served as the band's rehearsal hall until the end of 1910 when the band severed their relationship with the National Guard. This had been a time when there was still no bandstand in City Square Park, so a wheeled trailer was used as a moveable bandstand.  The portable platform, which measured 16 by 18 feet when the sides were dropped, was stored close to the armory and loaded with chairs and stands for the summer concerts held on different street corners each week.  The armory building survives today as the Laramar Ballroom.