Just a note about enlarging images

Many images in this Karl King website can be viewed at greater size or resolution than is commonly used on the net.  Underneath those particular photos you will notice the statement click to enlarge.  Much more information can be gleaned from these larger photos if you are willing to wait the extra time it takes for them to load.

However, if your browser is new enough to automatically resize these images to fit your screen, you will miss the richer experience that much greater detail can offer.

In that case, you must either:
(1.) Try to find and click the resize icon at the lower right corner of the resized image to bring it back to full size, or

(2.) Turn off this automatic resize feature of your browser.

  • This is done in Internet Explorer by clicking on the menu entitled Tools.  Then find options... then click the Advanced tab, and finally, scroll way down to the heading entitled Multimedia to uncheck the box for enable auto resizing of images.
  • In the Firefox browser, click Tools, then Options..., click on Advanced.  Then uncheck the box for Resize large images to fit in the browser window before selecting OK.