Karl King Statue Progressing Nicely

Oley and Nancy Olson, along with chief fundraiser Harlan Pfaff, recently traveled to Minnesota to see first hand the progress being made on the larger-than-life sculpture of Karl King.  The figure is now entirely blocked out in clay, with the clay detailing coming along well.  Following the detailing process, the clay mold will be coated with a rubber compound to make a mold of the sculpture.  With that rubber mold the statue will be reproduced in wax.  The wax reproduction  will then be used in sections to make the bronze castings which will form the final sturdy statue.

Sculptor Paul Rieffer's primary studio is in his home in St. Paul, but he works on larger projects at the home of his parents near Conger, Minnesota.  Paul is pictured above with one of the tools he uses to work with clay.  Commonly, it takes about a year to finish a statue this large.

Band Manager, Duane Oley Olson stands next to the clay statue.
To the right are Harlan Pfaff and artist Paul Rieffer.

While it was initially thought that the Karl King statue would be located near the street close to the flagpole, another possibility would be that it could placed to the north of the bandshell which bears his name.  In that location, it could be seen by all who enjoy performances there.  A third possiblity would be close to the bandstand in Karl King Park downtown in front of the library.

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