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- Reggie Schive as Bandmaster -

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Following the sudden death of Bill Green in 1977, the band elected Reginald Schive as its new conductor, and Keith Altemeier as assistant conductor.  Schive, a Fort Dodge native, was a long time member of the band.  The above 1979 photo taken in the Phillips MS Auditorium is thought to be the first formal photo taken with Reg as conductor.

Front row from left: Salvatore Torry Antimuro, Ardella Hein, Phyllis Phillips, Steve Dygert, Jim Inman, Susan Ashenfelter, Jeanette Schnurr, Deanna Larson, Jim Douglass, John Erickson

Second row: Lee McGinnis, Nancy Olson, Harold Nelson, Mary Ann Pingel, Keith Baessler, John McCartney, Don Raymer, Adeline Green, Jerrold Jimmerson, Joanne Lee, Keith Altemeier, Joelene Newcomb, Tom Hlubek, Ted Erickson, Duane Olson, Roger Britton?, Dennis Carpenter

Third row: Ross Leeper, Richard Hale, Jim Witcraft, Carl Tim Pray, Arnold Bode, Harold Tex Dean, Kevin Tiedemann, Paul Espe, Winford Winnie Egli, Dan Cassady, Ken Gleason, Dick Goettsch, Dennis Anderson

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This summer concert photo is taken from the back of the bandshell in Oleson Park.

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1981 - Phillips MS Auditorium

Front row from left: Ardella Hein, Geoff Schive, Phyllis Phillips, Salvatore Torry Antimuro, Janene Altemeier, Jan Altemeier, Susan Ashenfelter, Jeanette Stende, Deanna Larson, ???, John Erickson

Second row: Mary Heimbruch, Julie Ann Volf, ???, T.H. Hoefing, Mary Ann Pingel, Adeline Green, Jerrold Jimmerson, Mabel Schoeberl, Keith Altemeier, Joanne Lee, Joelene Newcomb, Tom Hlubek, Jeff Leeper, Jim McCartney, Curt Klein, Roger Britten, Harlan Vandeberg

Back row: Ross Leeper, John McCartney, Jim Witcraft, Carl Tim Pray, Arnold Bode, Dick Johnson, Jerrold Jimmerson, ???, Ralph Drollinger, G.B. Evans, Richard Chitty, Lauren Lines, Ken Gleason, Dan Cassady, Dennis Anderson

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