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New Home for the Karl King Municipal Band

The Karl King Band is thankful to have a new home.  In the newly constructed Fort Dodge library there is a work-room with space for the music library as well as a rehearsal/multi-purpose area designed especially for the band.  These rooms are air-conditioned and serve as a wonderful contrast to the former rehearsal area in Fort Dodge High School.  The original rehearsal location was over the harness shop (originally located one block southeast from the new library) owned by Walt Engelbart's dad. The King Band had been rehearsing in the Knights of Columbus Hall until it burned down in the 1970's.

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The left photo shows the new library peeking from behind the bandshell at the west end of Central Avenue.
The image on the right is the now vacant Carnegie Library building.  Someday there will be an adequate display area for Karl King memorabilia.  One idea put forth is to use the old Carnegie Library building for this purpose.  This is located one block northeast of the new library.

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