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Karl L. King Band Premiers Andrew Glover's Festive Dance

Andrew Glover's arrangement of Faust's Festive Dance was premiered on April 13, 2003, by the Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge with the arranger conducting.  St. Louis native Andrew Glover joined the staff of the C. L. Barnhouse Company in October 1998.  Glover had taught instrumental music in public and private schools in the St. Louis area.  He received a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Central Methodist College and did graduate work at Southeast Missouri State University.

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French composer Charles Gounod (1818-1893) created music for the very successful opera Faust, which premiered in 1859.  The spectacular production was highly lauded for its splendor, and one critic exclaimed that Gounod's music established the composer as markedly superior to his contemporaries.   The Festive Dance is the seventh and final movement of Gounod's ballet suite.

I approached the concept of a band score neither as a transcription which might imply a direct reassignment of one part to another; nor as an arrangement, which can suggest a reconstruction of the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic elements. Instead, I tried to envision this work as a whole, and re-compose it within the medium of the concert band. In other words, were Gounod alive today and familiar with the instrumentation adn capabilities of the typical mature concert band, this might be the result.... The result is, I believe, a dramatic and colorful work for band, which I hope performers and audiences find enjoyable and exciting.  (Andrew Glover)

Above the title on the score is the dedication, This arrangement respectfully dedicated to Duane and Nancy Olson.  Mr. Glover and C. L. Barnhouse Publishing Co. donated a copy of Festive Dance to the King Band.

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