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Clown Band in front of the City Square Bandstand (ca. 1930)

Back row from left: Oden Johnson, Harold Koch, Swevre Spotvoldt, Frank Isaacson
Third row: ???, Ed Wosky, Charles Coffee, Hugh Stub Hemphil, Carl Tim Pray, Walt Engelbart, George Cy Tremaine
Second row: Lou Pray, Robert Forbes, Paul Price, Jack Donahoe
In front: H.E. Hummie Holmquist, Durward Leach

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Same performers as above, Lou Pray directing

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1932 Clown Band pictured downtown

1 - Carl Tim Pray
2 - Jack Donahoe
3 - Doug Hatton
4 - Phill Peters
5 - Bill Speilberg
6 - Emil Mobias
7 - Walt Engelbart
8 - Hummie Holmquist
9 - Stub Hemphill
10 - Stanley Pinky Beers
11 - Larking Merryman
12 - Harold Cookie Kock

The above article appeared in the Saturday, June 23, 1934 issue of the The Messenger & Chronicle

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1934 Clown Band

Back row from left: Jack Donahoe, Bill Speilberg, Oden Johnson (sousaphone), Doc Magennis, Myron Quiney
Second row: Phil Peters, Carl Pray, Emil Mobius, Bob Forbes, Stub Hemphill, Doug Hatton, Walt Engelbart
On horse: Hummie Holmquist

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