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Karl King and the Fort Dodge Municipal Band opened each performance of the annual Harvest Festival with a concert.
King is standing beside the leader of the band that played during the free musical variety show sponsored by local businesses.

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The Karl King Band shortly after 1950

First row from left: ???, Max King, Bill Green, Walter Lake, Chuck Radke, Ralph Pee Wee Peer, Birdie Cleland, Russ Thorson, Glen Bell
Second row: Don Conrad, Reg Schive, Bob Tyle, Sterling Ainsworth, ???, ???, Don Swanson, Max Hoyt, ???, ???, Rudy Grunwald, Fred Engelbart, Walt Engelbart
Third row: Tim Pray, Tom Hatton, Stub Hemphill, Phil Peters, Dick Engelbart, Boyd Garton, Oden Johnson, Jim Jesson, Duane Olson, Dean Olson, Duane Michelson, Emil Mobius

On October 8, 1951, Karl King was honored at a surprise testimonial dinner held in the Savory Hotel in Des Moines, where congressman James Dolliver presided. Two hundred fifty guests attended, including Paul Yoder, Glenn Cliff Bainum, and A.A. Harding.  Governor William Beardsley presented a plaque declaring him the foremost composer of band music and an inspiration to millions of young musicians.  Famous Hollywood producer Jesse Lasky is shown at the microphone.

Karl and Ruth King are pictured with their Lassie (a pup of the famous Hollywood Lassie) which was presented by Jesse Lasky as part of the testimonial dinner celebration.

Among other gifts, King was presented a Buick Roadmaster automobile from Fort Dodge businessmen and friends.

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