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 Bob Lowrey, John Kopecky, Karl King, Karl Rogosch, Rex Peer

It had been years since the band traveled with their tent city, and Walt Engelbart was retiring as band manager in 1960, so the 1959 Iowa State Fair marked the end of the King Band's participation which had begun in 1921.

Lee McGinnis, Tom Hatton, Karl King, Walt Engelbart, Roger Andersen, W.B. Green

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Final Iowa State Fair Band - 1959

Front row from left: ???, Bob Lowrey, Max King, John Kopecky, Tom Hatton, Ralph Peer, ???, Tom Jessen, ???
Second row: W.B. Green, Bill Hayes, Karl Rogosch, Roger Andersen, Lee McGinnis, Gary Lundgren, Hugh Stub Hemphill, Rex Peer
Back row: Warren Engelbart, Walt Engelbart, Karl King, Verle Barber, Karl Killinger, C.B.M. Smith

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