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The Karl King Municipal Band in 1961
photo taken in the Phillips MS Auditorium

Karl King is pictured at front center;   Front row, left to right:  Reg Schive,  Nancy Drommer,  Phyllis Phillips,  Lee McGinnis,  Bill Green,  Ralph Pee Wee Peer,  Jim Boice,  Jim Inman,  Roger Chrysler,  Russ Thorson

Second row, from left:  Harold Nelson,  Curtis Sharp,  Ken Carlson,  Jerrold Jimmerson,  David Westermoe,  Bill Hayes,  Jerry Seela,  Duane Olson,  Roger Dunker,  Virgil Jones,  Art Kirmse,  John Erickson

Third row, from left:  Torry Antimuro,  Jim Witcraft,  Stub Hemphill,  Arnold Bode,  Dick Johnson,  Fred Glassburner,  David Hall,  Ralph Drollinger,  Tom Garton,  Dick Goettsch,  Dean Olson

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      The Big Ten Bandmasters voted Karl King the Big Ten March King because he wrote some of his greatest marches for the Big Ten Universities.   This photo was taken March 10, 1960 during the banquet of the American Bandmasters Association convention in Madison, Wisconsin, when he was presented with an appropriate emblem with a diamond indicative of a king.

Pictured from left in the back row: John Paynter (Northwestern University), Gale Sperry (University of Minnesota), Don McGinnis (Ohio State University), Ron Gregory (University of Indiana), Fred Ebbs (University of Iowa).  Pictured in the front row: Ray Dvorak (University of Wisconsin), Al Wright (Purdue University), Karl King, Mark Hindsley (University of Illinois), Leonard Falcone (Michigan State University).  William Revelli of the University of Michigan was not pictured.

May 31, 1961 in Primghar, Iowa

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Sampling the buffalo burgers and milk during the Buffalo Days celebration in Gowrie, Iowa

Pictured from left:
Herbert Mason (Gowrie bandmaster),
Bill Green (former Gowrie bandmaster),
Karl King,
Walt Engelbart (band manager)

Pictured with the Karl King Viaduct plaque from left:
Marshael Bickford, Karl King, John Barton, Mayor Habhab

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