Karl King Statue Dedication Program Speakers

Ceremony participants
Rev. Ray Roden, third from left, gave the invocation.

Dr. David Haggard, Master of Ceremonies

Oley and Nancy Olson were honored for their constant effort in promoting Karl King's legacy.

Michelle Matlock, grand-daughter of Karl King
Download a video excerpt of Michelle's comments about her grandfather (mov. format - 18.5 mb).
Michelle's remarks to conductor Jerrold Jimmerson (mov. format - 5 mb)

Paul H. Rieffer, sculptor

Dr. Scott Green, Fort Dodge Rotary representative

Dan Payne, Fort Dodge Mayor Pro-Tem

Because of recent heart surgery, Harlan Pfaff could not be present to conduct Barnum and Bailey's Favorite.
To honor Harlan's dedication towards his project, the Karl King Municipal Band performed without a conductor.
Download a video excerpt of that performance (mov. format - 12 mb).

Judge Albert Habhab, dedication speaker

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