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Statue press release:

This statue has been over a year in the making and planning.  Rieffer has worked from numerous photographs to get the realistic details for which he strives.  In fact, he even worked with the actual uniform coat worn by Mr. King.  Rieffer first makes his sculptures in clay over a metal framework.  When the clay statue is right, a rubber compound is poured over it to make a mold.  The statue is then made of wax, using that rubber mold.  These wax pieces are then sent to a foundry to be cast in bronze.  Finally, the bronze pieces are then assembled to form the finished statue.

Soon, this life-size statue will appear in the park and be dedicated.  Then, generation after generation can recall that, once upon a time, for a period of about 50 years or so, one of America’s truly great composers of band music was counted as a citizen of the city of Fort Dodge, Iowa.  He led his band in parades through these streets, went to one of our local churches, had his business here on Central Avenue, directed the municipal band in the park, and even had a bridge named in his honor.  Mr. King’s music continues to live on and flourish among bands from adulthood to school age youth throughout the world.  Now his likeness will be here for all to reflect upon and remember a truly great man – the “King of band music!”

Oley and Loran Olson survey the finished statue.

The artist and his work

Photos courtesy of Nancy Olson

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