The Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, Iowa

Windjammers 2006 Summer Meet in Des Moines

Several numbers were directed by Keith Altemeier, Karl King Band assistant conductor.

Andrew Glover of C. L. Barnhouse Music Publishing Company was the featured guest conductor.

Karl King Band Personnel:
Flute/Piccolo: David Klee, Jennifer Dreyer
Oboe:  Cari Hepperle
Bassoon: Jim Inman
Bb Clarinets: Ardella Hein, Nancy Olson, Chuck Radke, Mary Heimbruch, Ron Dewey, Tara Smith, T. H. Hoefing, Lisa Moore, Martha Beggerly, Chris Mikos
Bass Clarinet: Pat Simon
Saxophones: John McCartney, David Moklebust, Cheryl Crandell, Roger Netz
Trumpets: Jim Perkins, Tim Miller, Harlan Vandeberg, Dave Swaroff, Ben Baldus, Wayne Crowe
French Horns: Kathy Yoakam, Angela O’Connor, Sarah Baldus, Joanne Lee, Keith Altemeier
Trombones: Dan Cassady, Harold Strassburg, Roger Ringnalda, Dick Goettsch, Nick Moore, Jason Bradwell
Euphoniums: Duane “Oley” Olson, Paul Hockmuth
Tubas: G.B. Evans, Paul Bloomquist, Monte Leichsenring
Percussion: Rollie Jensen, Jeremy Smith, Cathy Moklebust,

These photos from July 21 show the Karl King Band preparing for their performance later that evening.

Andy Glover is shown rehearsing the 2006 Windjammers Summer Meet participants.  Jerrold Jimmerson can be seen in the center of this photo seated in the back row participating on the bass clarinet.

Windjammers Oley and Nancy Olson can be seen in this rehearsal photo.  Nancy is shown playing clarinet at the upper right.  Oley, seen at the lower left playing his euphonium, delivered the keynote address at the Windjammers Banquet.

The Windjammers Band became acquainted with over 76 Karl King compositions as they rehearsed during the summer meet and performed a program of Karl King’s music on July 22 at the Evangelical Free Valley Church, located at 4343 Fuller Road in West Des Moines.  Guest conductors from throughout the United States directed this 143-member ensemble, with selected conductors coming from New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, California, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa.  Iowa conductors include Vic Anderson (meet host from Urbandale), Andrew Glover of Oskaloosa, and Jerrold Jimmerson from Manson.

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