The Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, Iowa

The 2008 Indoor Concert Series

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2008 Karl L. King Band Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, Iowa

The February Concert recognized the music of the bandís namesake, Karl L. King, in celebration of his birth on February 21, 1891.  The music performed reflected a wide range of Kingís musical styles, and was heavily influenced by his career as a circus musician.  When Karl King arrived in Fort Dodge in the fall of 1920 with his wife Ruth and young son Karl, jr., he was already a well-established composer and publisher of band music.  He continued to write music along with directing the local Municipal Band for 50 years, and eventually opened his own music store and publishing business.  Many of Kingís compositions included in this concert were written in the 1920ís and dedicated to local citizens and band members that he met here.

Director Jerrold P. Jimmerson gave the program notes for this concert.
Best wishes to Oley Olson for a quick recovery and return to his role as the voice of the Karl King Band.

Karl L. King Brithday Concert
Born February 21, 1891 - Died March 31, 1971

Trouping Days


Dedicated to Fred Zalesky
(Published in 1925)
Dedicated to Frank G. Isaacson
(Published in 1923)
March by Karl L. King

March by Karl L. King

Sunny Spain

Mournful Maggie

Dedicated to Phil Peters
(Published in 1927)
Dedicated to Lester Crews
(Published in 1923)
Fantasia by Karl L. King

Novelty by Karl L. King

Yellowstone Trail

The Octopus and the Mermaid

Dedicated to John Magennis
(Published in 1923)
Dedicated to Odin Johnson
(Published in 1923)
March by Karl L. King

Serenade by Karl L. King

In a Moonlit Garden

Monte Carlo

Dedicated to Willis Peterson
(Published in 1924)
Dedicated to Captain C.T. Grant
(Published in 1925)
Intermezzo by Karl L. King

March by Karl L. King

Glory of Egypt

In Old Peking

Dedicated to Louis Namen
(Published in 1923)
Dedicated to Ed Holmquist
(Published in 1923)
Waltz by Karl L. King

Romance by Karl L. King

Circus Days

Barnum & Bailey's Favorite

Dedicated to  Gerald Huffman
(Published in 1944)
Dedicated to Ned Brill
(Published in 1913)
Galop by Karl L. King

March by Karl L. King

The Star Spangled Banner J.S. Smith & F.S. Key

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