The Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, Iowa

The 2009 Summer Concert Series - June 7

June 7

This opening concert of the 2009 summer season was a musical tribute to Karl L. King and his family.  Karl and Ruth King moved to Fort Dodge in the fall of 1920, where they established their home, Karl’s publishing business, and Ruth’s music store.  They remained here the rest of their lives.  The King’s granddaughter from Ohio, along with other family members from Florida, Texas, and California are expected to be in attendance.  Michelle Matlock, Karl King's granddaughter, daughter Miriam and family (Texas), son Kristopher and friend (L.A.) and her Aunt Miriam and husband (from Florida) were present for the evening's concert.

The music on this concert featured many of Mr. King’s compositions, including marches, The Ohio Special, The Trombone King, and his most famous march, Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite.  Additional compositions by King include The Altar of Genius overture, Remembrance dirge, and the Excelsior galop.

Other selections on the program included highlights from the Broadway musical, Oklahoma, Leroy Anderson’s Blue Tango, a suite of songs depicting the mythical island of “Atlantis”, and Henry Fillmore’s march, King Karl King.

The concert closed with the playing of our National Anthem, the Star-spangled Banner.

Conductor of the Karl L. King Municipal Band is Jerrold P. Jimmerson.
Duane “Oley” Olson continues to serve as the band’s announcer.

June 14 concert

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