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The June 9 program for the 2017 Preserve Iowa Summit

June 9, 2017

      Mining the Past was the theme for the 2017 Preserve Iowa Summit, held in Fort Dodge.  The 2017 Summit featured more than 30 educational sessions held in or near downtown Fort Dodge.  The Preserve Iowa Summit is the premier statewide annual conference for professionals and volunteers involved in historic preservation in Iowa.  The Summit hoped to build partnerships that enhance our economic and cultural future through the preservation of Iowa's historic resources.

     The 2017 Preserve Iowa Summit was held in Fort Dodge's Downtown Historic District and Oak Hill Historic District on June 8-10, 2017.   General sessions, concurrent breakout sessions, and hands-on educational training was planned to occur throughout the Summit -- as well as informational tours, networking opportunities and an exhibit hall.   Two special workshops on Iowa's agricultural history and gravestone repair were planned for Saturday, June 10th.

     This bus came to Oleson Park at 10:45 in the morning of June 9, bringing Summit participants to the Karl King Bandshell.

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The King Band started the program by playing the National Glory Overture followed by the Morning Glory Waltz.

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Conductor Jerrold Jimmerson told
about the history of Fort Dodge
and Oleson Park.
Listen to the King march
Arkansas School Bands

After the King Band performed South Dakota State College, Nancy Oleson told about the history of the Bandshell.

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this story.

     The band then performed Twilight Serenade.

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Listen to
140th Infantry.

Karl King himself seemed to be waiting his turn to conduct the band.

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It was Larry Mitchell who came on the stage to portray Karl King.

Watch and listen to the video showing
Larry Mitchell speaking
as if he were Karl King.

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Watch the band perform the
Karl King Galop Prestissimo.

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The King Band finished the Preserve Iowa Summit program by performing
The Lieutenant-Commander march and Iowa Band Law.

Every number on this program came from Karl King's The Inspiration Band Book.

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