The Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, Iowa

The July 16 Performance of the 2017 Summer Concert Series

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July 16, 2017

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The evening program began with Karl L. King's Black and Gold (Purdue).

Black and Gold March
Listen to King's Black and Gold March.
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Next was the evening’s classical offering, the Folk Song Suite, by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.   This standard band work includes three movements, Seventeen Come Sunday, My Bonny Boy, and Folk Songs from Somerset.

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Lighter works for the evening included a clarinet section feature, the Pie in the Face Polka, written by Henry Mancini for the movie, The Great Race.

Pie in the Face Polka
Listen to Henry Mancini's Pie in the Face Polka,
which featured the clarinet section of the King Band.

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An Epic Adventure
Hear the Karl L. King Municipal Band and Jive for Five
as they together perform An Epic Adventure.
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The musicians known as Jive for Five are also members of the King Band, and they performed “An Epic Adventure”, along with a Big Band-style arrangement of “Jump Swing Fever” during the regular concert with the band accompanying.   Group members include Tim Miller from Humboldt on trumpet; David Swaroff from Dayton on trumpet; Kathy Yoakam from Humboldt on French Horn; Dan Cassady from Twin Lakes on trombone; and Paul Bloomquist from Dayton on tuba.

Jump Swing Fever
Listen to the King Band perform Jump Swing Fever with Five for Five.

Conductor Jerrold P. Jimmerson was assisted by Dr. David Klee, who would lead the band on the next two numbers.

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Zoe Elliot’s march British Eighth was dedicated to the members of Britain's celebrated Eighth Army and accepted on their behalf by General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, their celebrated World War II Commander.

The band also performed Glenn Osser’s Beguine for Band.

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This concert included an exciting medley of recognizable songs from the blockbuster hit movie, “Star Wars”.   It has been 40 years since the first Star Wars movie premiered in 1977.

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Galop Go
Fred Jewell’s fast-paced galop, Go!
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Mighty Minnesota
The final number on the July 16 program was Karl King's Mighty Minnesota.
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This program finished with the playing of our National Anthem.

July 23 Program
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