Karl King Compositions in March Books
Joy Riders March
Rifle Rangers March
Avenger March
American Beauty Waltz
Dance of the Imps Schottish
Siren Waltz
Excelsior Galop
Victor March
Triumph March
My Lady Waltz
Over the Stars Waltz
Roll of Honor March
Love's Way Waltz
Water Lillies Waltz
Evening Shadows Serenade
Conqueror Overture
Artarmo Band Book - Published by C. L. Barnhouse

Fame and Fortune March
Attorney General March
Hawkeye Fair March
Invictus March
Three Musketeers March
Mountain Trails March
Trouping Days March
New Madison Square Garden March
Alhambra Grotto March
Samson March
Bolivar March
Pride of the Illini March
Nazir Grotto March
Pageantry March
Goldman Band March
University of Idaho March
Hippodrome March Book - Published by King Music

True Blue March
Lone Crusader March
140th Infantry March
Arkansas School Bands March
National Glory Overture
International Favorites March
Dreamy Dawn Waltz
Prestissimo Galop
South Dakota State College March
Morning Glory Waltz
Desert Patrol Oriental March
Twilight Serenade
Lt. Commander March
University of North Dakota March
Brigadier General March
Herald of Progress March
Inspiration Band Book - Published by King Music

Carrollton March
Sons of Veterans March
Canton Aero Club
Ponderoso March
Melody Shop March
Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Novelty
Gateway City March
Aviation Tournament March
Neddermeyer Triumphal March
Viking March
Robinson's Grand Entree March
Woody Van's March
Wanderlust March
Garland Entree March
Mystic Call March
Ragged Rozey Novelty
King March Book #1 - Published by Barnhouse

Broadway One-Step
Royal Scotch Highlanders March
Abdallah Oriental Fox Trot
Valiant Youth March
Cardiff Giant March
Kentucky Derby March
Atta-Boy March
Whippet Race Galop
Monahan Post March
Royal Hippodrome March
Franklin Post March
147th Field Artillery March
Kansas Bandman March
Missouri Bandman March
Youth and Progress March
Mystic Night Waltz
King Quality Band Book - Published by King Music

Miss Liberty March
Voice of America March
New Frontiers March
Big Four March
Peacemaker March
Glorious America March
Freedom City March
Wings of Peace March
Bonds of Unity March
We Stand United March
American Way March
March of Freedom March
Allied Honor March
Our Heritage March
Free World March
Peace Jubilee March
Liberty Band Folio - Published by Barnhouse

United Nations March
Liberty Fleet March
Gallant Marines March
Sky Ranger March
Pan American March
Night Flight March
Torch of Liberty March
Pursuit Squadron March
Burma Patrol March
Coast Guards March
Aces of the Air March
Flying Cadets March
Call to Victory March
Wings of the Army March
Bombardier March
Thumbs Up USA March
Marching to Victory - Published by Barnhouse

Columbia March
Apollo March
Royal Hussars March
Centaur March
Fidelity March
Loyalty March
Royalist Overture
Mooning Serenade
Friendship Mazurka
Roses and Orchids Waltz
Royal Emblem Overture
Fond Hearts Serenade
Morning Tears Waltz
Wild Rose Schottish
Belle Isle Waltz
Homestretch Galop
Melodie Band Book - Published by Barnhouse

Walsenburg Galop
Eclipse Galop
An Autumn Serenade
Tuscarawas March
Hosts of Freedom March
Monte Carlo March
Sir Henry March
Cyrus the Great March
Cle Elum Eagles March
Cruiser Omaha March
Fete Triumphal March
Yellowstone Trail March
Vindication March
In Old Pekin Novelty
Octopus and the Mermaid Serenade
Silver Fountain Waltz
Rivola Band Book - Published by Barnhouse

Westlawn/Abide With Me
Night in June Serenade
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March
Defending Circle March
Sells Floto Triumphal March
Forest City Commandery March
Bon Voyage March
Gallant Zouaves March
Huntress March
Sir Galahad March
High Private March
Vanguard of Democracy March
Sarasota March
Kentucky Sunrise 2-Step
Majestic Galop
Ohio Division March
Troupers Favorite Band Book - Published by Barnhouse

Lexington March
Bunker Hill March
Valley Forge March
Alamo March
Monterey March
General Grand March
General Lee March
Custer's Cavalry March
Rough Riders March
Manila Bay March
Santiago March
Chateau Thierry March
St. Mihiel March
Argone March
Henderson Field March
Algeria March
Uncle Sam A-Strut - Published by Barnhouse

Utility #2 - Published by Barnhouse

Heart of American Band Book - Published by Agnew
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