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Although Fort Dodge, Iowa, had enjoyed the services of several short-lived amateur community bands before 1900, the local band movement acquired stability when Carl Quist formed the Fort Dodge Military Band in 1901.   Many members of the Concordia Band joined the new organization, and the Fort Dodge Military Band became the group the city hired occasionally for Fort Dodge functions.   The present Municipal Band in Fort Dodge which now bears the name of Karl King traces its history directly from this combined ensemble.   Carl Quist rehearsed this group in the Doud building as there was no municipal tax support and all members were amateurs who worked regular jobs.   Later in 1903, the group also became the Fifty-Sixth Infantry Regiment Band.   Becoming a regimental band brought desperately needed funds and also helped secure a new armory in Fort Dodge.

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56th Regiment National Guard Band at the
Indianapolis Modern Woodman of America National Encampment in 1903
Director Carl Quist is standing behind the bass drum.

1903 Indianapolis trip roster

Flute: O. Grant Mason - Clarinets: Carl Quist, C.P. Bechtel, James Watson, Ralph Bayell, Claude Coyle - Cornets: M. P. McDermott, Joe Magennis, John Magennis, C. I. Carey, Gilbert Pray, Carl Bechtel, ? Sherf - Horns: A. C. Smith, C. H. Habenicht, Frank Bennett - Trombones: F. N. Bartley, N. Young, W. Sphraul, J. A. Lindquist, F. Ghiquet - Baritones: Homer Busy, John Fox - Bass: A. R. Hutchinson - Alto horns: A. C. Smith, Chris Habenicht,  - Tenor: George Stroebel - Drums: George Tremain, J. Lee Porter

handwritten note on the back of the photo:

This photo taken in Indianapolis, IN. 1902 (1903)
Head Camp M.W.A. Band.
Took first prize in band contest.
This band is now the Karl King's Ft. Dodge Military Band
Played at the Iowa State Fair in 1921. Has been re-engaged for 1922.
19 of these members are still with the band. (in 1922)

Carl Quist was appointed Chief Musician of the Fort Dodge Regimental Band yearly through 1909.   Also, in 1903, the band won national attention by becoming the Grand Champion Band at the Modern Woodmen of America National Encampment held in Indianapolis.   In 1904 the band was the winner again when the encampment was held in conjunction with the St. Louis World's Fair.

56th Regimental Band in St. Louis in 1904
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56th Regimental Band at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904
Pictured front right is Carl Quist, who played and conducted with the Eb Clarinet.
M. P. McDermott is the cornet player on right end of second row.
John Magennis is the cornet player in front row, and George Porter is pictured behind the bass drum.

1904 56th Regimental Band of Iowa - click to enlarge
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The 56th Regimental Band of the Iowa National Guard
is shown here at a 1904 National Guard encampment in Des Moines.
Director Carl Quist is in the very back row, to the right of center.
Lou C. Pray is the drum major, front row center

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