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The Karl King Band is pictured playing for the ceremony celebrating
the recently remodeled Webster County Court House in Fort Dodge.

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2002 Karl King Municipal Band
This is the last posed picture of the band with Reginald Schive

Front row from left: Ardella Hein, Nancy Olson, Trish Moe, ???, ???, Stacie Nichols, Tim Miller, Jim Perkins

Second row: Lynn Ringnalda, Jeff Cook, Tara Smith, Joanne Lee, Keith Altemeier, Angie O'Conner, Clarence Riley, Kathy Yoakam, Duane Olson, David Swaroff, Harlan Vandeberg

Third row: Beth Bretthauer, T.H. Hoefing, Cheryl Crandall, Jeffold Jimmerson, Paul Hockmuth, David Pepin, Wayne Crow, Cam McCurdy

Back row: Marty Crandall, Roger Netz, Jon Holmes, Jeremy Smith, Rollie Jensen, Cathy Moklebust, Roger Anderson, G.B. Evans, Paul Bloomquist, Gary Scholtens, Roger Ringnalda, Dennis Anderson, Dan Cassady

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