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The letter above detailing the last payment on the loan from Henry Killinger was mailed in the following envelope which contains on the reverse side, a draft of the response from Mr. Killinger.

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Dear Karl,
Re'd your check, & enclosed find note.  This is the only note I have.  I am glad to hear that u are getting about thru with Harley.  You should have things pretty nice now when u get all cleaned up.

After the war there should be more music business than ever & u no doubt will have plenty of income, no int. & no prin., will seem pretty nice won't it.  I hope to get my farm all paid for next year & then I shouldn't have so many worries either.

Are you going to have any concerts this winter? My H.S. band is doing better this year than expected.  The school is nice to work in this year.  We have a new superintendent and he is the most agreeable to work with than any I've ever had so I don't have much to kick about.

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