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A special luncheon ceremony marking the 25th Anniversary of Karl King's leadership of the Fort Dodge Municipal Band was held at the Country Club in Spencer, Iowa.  This was in September of 1946 while the band was performing at the Clay County Fair.  In the photo above, Karl King is speaking.  Walt Engelbart and Fred Cressman are seen in the background.

Arnold Johnson and Mr. Stumph of the Fort Dodge Chamber of Commerce are at the far end of the table.

Karl King and J. R. Forbes

Fred Cressman and Walt Engelbart, Jr. are seen behind Karl King. Sam Levy is directly in front of Karl.

Sam Levy is seated next to Karl King

C. L. Mattice and Jerry Huffman are seen chatting with a performer from the Spencer Fair.  Jerry was a trumpet player with the Chicago Symphony who enjoyed playing the fairs with the Karl King Band during the summer season.

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