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SESAC Recordings by Karl King

Sounds of Karl L. King
University of Iowa Symphony Band
Frank A. Piersol, director

Emblem of Freedom
Fountain of Youth (overture)
Hosts of Freedom
The Goldman Band
The Trombone King
The Big Cage (galop)
Cyrus the Great
A Night in June (serenade)
The Purple Pageant
Woody Van's
Garland Entree
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite

This recording was made utilizing the facilities of the University of Iowa Music Department with Lowell Cross as Recording Engineer.  The taping was accomplished during four separate sessions on February 25, 27, March 1 and 3, in 1976.  The personnel for the recording was chosen from the University of Iowa Symphony Band.  Fourty-one players were used, which corresponds to the general size and instrumentation of the Karl King Band as evidenced by photographs studied and information provided by long time King Band members.  The seating arrangement used by the King Band was also followed with the cornets to the right of the director, clarinets to the left, etc.  Suggestions for the interpretation of the music were obtained from present and former King Band members and from tapes of the Karl King Band.

Produced by Ross A. Leeper for the American School Band Directors Association in cooperation with the Iowa Bandmasters Association.

Album cover photo by Fred Larson

The Music of Karl L. King
The Karl L. King Municipal Band
Reginald R. Schive, director

Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
The Golden Dragon
Mournful Maggie
The Big Cage
Philipian Festival
Princess of India
Wyoming Days
Broadway One-Step

Recorded in March of 1980

Band Compositions of Karl L. King
The McAllen High School Band
L. M. Snavely, conductor

Iowa Corn Song - - - Riley-Botsford
Home Town Boy (march) - - - Karl King
Princess of India (overture) - - - Karl King
Night in June (serenade) - - - Karl King
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite (march) - - - Karl King
The Golden Dragon (overture) - - - Karl King

Karl King and R.V. Bob Leach

It is said that McAllen resident Bob Leach and his brother, Gordon Leach, organized the first high school band in America in Ackley, Iowa, in 1909.  Mr. Leach has been a life-long friend of Karl King and organized the first All-King Concert in Waverly, Iowa in 1934.

This record was made from tape recordings of the actual Karl L. King Concert performances in the McAllen, Texas, Civic Center on February 12, 1963.  Two performances were presented that day.  A concert in the afternoon was given for the Iowa Winter Tourist Picnic where over 1200 Iowans enjoyed the tribute to one of their fellow statesmen, Karl L. King.  The other performance was held that evening with an estimated attendance of over 1700.  Roy Poole, of Austin Custom Records, was the recording engineer for this album.

RHS-33-6970  Produced by ACR, Inc., O.O. Drawer 4248, Austin, Texas  78751

The Music of Karl King
The University of Illinois Symphonic Band
Harry Begian, conductor

The Trombone King
A Night in June
King Henry
Broadway One-Step
War March of the Tartars
Circus Days Galop
The Home Town Boy
Robinson's Grand Entree
Cyrus the Great
Enchanted Nights Waltzes
Pride of the Illini
The Goldman Band
Ragged Rozey
The Big Cage Galop
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
Emblem of Freedom
The one recording session was completed in three hours under the supervision of Clark Galehouse in the old University of Illinois Auditorium, on May 29, 1971.  The entire band of 95 members participated in the session.  The selections of the record represent many different types of works that Karl King wrote for circus, community, and school bands over a period of more than fifty years.

Golden Crest Records, Inc., 220 Broadway, Huntington Station, N.Y.  CRS 4096

Salute to Karl King
The Band of Her Majesty's Life Guards
Major W. Jackson, Director of Music

Barnum and Bailey's Favourite
The Melody Shop
Sons of Veterans
The Three Musketeers
The Trombone King
The Goldman Band
Emblem of Freedom
The Big Cage
Tiger Triumph
The Purple Pageant
The New Corn Palace
Sells-Floto Triumphal

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SESAC Recordings by Karl King

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