Torry Antimuro

Torry Antimuro taught in the Iowa public schools of Sanborn in the early 50's and at Webster City High School from 1953 until 1982 when he retired.

Mr. Antimuro has played in the Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge since 1959.

I remember performing the Raymond Overture. This piece has three spots or gaps where everything suddenly stops. This one time during performance, players kept missing these gaps. The first time we suddenly paused, a flute player stumbled in with an unintentional solo note. Karl turned red but said nothing. We played on, and at the next pause, a clarinetist accidently spilled over with a blunder. Karl was getting furious and silently turned red again. When we got to the third and final pause there fortunately was a welcome silence. Mr. King paused with his baton up, and before resuming said, Now, does anyone else want to check in before we go on?

Whenever we performed at the Rockwell City Women's Reformatory, Karl would announce to the audience, Now I want to dedicate this next tune to you girls.

The band then played Lady, Be Good.