Stories of Karl L. King

All who knew Karl King remember his quick wit and sense of humor.
Because mere biographical facts don't really describe Mr. King,
here are some personal anecdotes related by those who knew him.

Conducting Massed Band in 1960 - click to enlarge Frank Piersol Duane Olson Edwin B.Yeisley Roger Andersen
Karl Killinger Jerrold Jimmerson Torry Antimuro Reggie Schive
Max Whitlock Mrs. Robert Dean Robert Lake John Erickson
Bob Bourne Kristen Hovick Little Henry Killinger Harry Begian
Carl Pray Arthur Edwards Gary McCurdy Anthony Adams

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Photo of the first American Bandmasters Association Convention
held in Middletown, Ohio on March 13-16, 1930
Karl King is to the right of center

pictured from left: Samuel Harris, Henry Filmore (and Mike), Karl B. Shinkman, A.A. Harding, Henry Charlton, F.J. Boyer, J.J. Gagnier, Peter Buys, Lt. Philip Enger, Lt. Charles Benter, Edwin Franko Goldman, John Philip Sousa, Charles O'Neil, Sam H. Treloar, Karl L. King, Ernest Glover, R.B. Hayward, C.D. Pierce, George O. Frey, Albertus J. Meyer, Richard Dunn, Eugene S. LaBarre, Walter M. Smith, Everett McCracken, Frank Simon

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1935 photo of the American Bandmasters Association Convention in Cinncinati, Ohio
Karl King is seen holding his hat towards the left in the back row, taller than the rest.

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