Mrs. Robert Dean

Mrs. Robert Dean is the spouse of the late Robert Dean who taught in the Iowa public schools of Spencer and Mason City.

I remember once when Karl King, Pat Arsers, Carleton Stewart, and my husband, Bob Dean, were sitting together listening to a band at Midwest Convention in Chicago.   A band was performing one of those modern sounding pieces.

After a bit Karl announced, I've heard enough!

The gentlemen got up and left the performance.

[Mrs. Dean took this picture of her husband presenting Karl King
the Edwin Franco Goldman Award in 1971.]

I remember feeding the King Band at home in Spencer.   The boys had been eating fair food for a week, so we cooked some real meat and home-made rolls and so forth.

I noticed during the meal that even though we passed the rolls to the tuba player several times, he kept refusing them.  This was confusing to me.

I understood everything later when he was done with the rest of his meal.   He was then finally ready.   He had spread out in front of himself eight of those rolls.